Engine Rebuilding

Stock or modified

I'm an owner-enthusiast and just love working on these motors. If yours is a little tired, burning or leaking oil, or has broken head studs, I can help you rebuild it to its original condition. 

I'm not a shop, this is my hobby and hence I have no real overheads and can spend  more time on your project. 

Happy to chat about costs and procedures - just contact me using the details at the bottom.


911 Engine Assembly Video

Well, this was harder than I thought...

I really don't have the patience (or skill) to make a full engine assembly video.. but here is a small amount of what goes into assembling an engine...
No commentary... as it turns out, I don't like the sound of my own voice :)
Please see the Assembly Video page  for the rest of my videos.


Greenslopes, Queensland.

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