Engine Assembly

Avoiding Surprises

The aircooled Porsche 911 is a precision motor and deserves to be treated as such.

The main reason people are looking to rebuild their motor seems to be either oil leaks, broken headstuds or both. 

My focus is mostly stockish engine rebuilds and I will use your original parts if they are serviceable, saving you money. Of course, if you'd like to look at the option of a little more performance, we can discuss more compression, biggers cams, exhausts etc.  I have professional contacts in the USA who can help engineer a sensible solution; balancing performance vs cost. We've currently tried a new camshaft in stock 3.0SC with more duration than a 964 cam and the top end performance has been very satisfactory, even with the stock CIS.

Most owners  are happy with the  performance of a stock engine, however most 30 or 40 year old engines are not performing to their best due to 

- low compression

- broken head studs

- oil leaks and oil consumption

I can help you restore your cars original performance and maybe a little more. 

I take a lot of pride in building my engines extremely accurately; bearing clearances, cam timing, piston to cylinder wall clearance etc, are all documented for you. At the end of the build, you will receive a summary of all work completed and a usb drive with all photos taken during disassembly, measuring, cleaning, and assembly. 

Please view some of the images throughout the site showing the before and afters and also the Testimonial page.

Feel free to send a message or email with any questions.