While You're In There

Avoiding Surprises

Most Porsche owners have heard the phrase "while you're in there". We start out doing a simple oil change and before you know it, the car is stripped to a bare shell and you're taking out a second mortgage to do a nut & bolt restoration!

I keep you informed and let you know what to expect so as to avoid any surprises and hopefully keep the total cost as low as possible. 

My focus is mostly stock engine rebuilds and I will use original parts if they are serviceable, saving you money. Of course, if you'd like to look at the option of a little more performance, I have professional contacts in the USA who can help engineer a sensible solution; balancing performance vs cost.

My clients have been happy with the stock performance of their engines, however most 30 or 40 year old engines are not performing to their best due to 

- low compression

- broken head studs

- oil leaks and oil consumption

I can help you restore your cars original performance and maybe a little more.

Please contact me to discuss.